Importance of diet and exercise

What to eat?
When to eat?
How to eat?
How much to eat?

To remain healthy, happy and satisfied it’s very important to have a control over diet. Proper diet at a proper time in a proper way leads to harmony of mental and physical state.

We hear about many dieticians suggesting different patterns and types of diet. But beyond a point, diet in my opinion also depends upon the kind of physical work and the workout we do. The best is to understand our own body and the demands generated by it. I have undergone two high intensity endurance (HIE) races till now and for both of them I never went to any dietician as such but common knowledge of doctor friends and knowledge from internet was sufficient enough to guide me. It’s true when we are participating in HIE race like I did, once during Deccan cliffhanger 643K nonstop cycling and the Ironman triathlon race (3.86 Km’s swim, 180.25 Km’s cycling and 42.2 Km’s run), I had to opt for high protein to high carb diet from time to time.

What to eat?
What is the requirement of your body when you are doing an intensive exercise or while in a normal routine should be understood properly. The right combination of fruits, vegetables, animal proteins and dairy products plays an important role in our diet.

When to eat?
We must understand what is the right time to eat. Some people eat without understanding whether it is the right time or not. They eat at any time of the day. In fact, eating late in the night is the worst thing to do. The best is to follow the policy of eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a commoner and dinner like a pauper. Studies have also shown how skipping a breakfast has a negative impact on health.

How to eat?
We must know how to eat our food. In fact, I believe in the philosophy of, “drink your food and chew your water”.

How much to eat?
We should understand the calorie requirements of our body. We should also know where to stop while eating. Our stomach is not a dumping ground, it also has a limit which we must respect. Food of your choice does not mean that you keep on eating.

I have been following my own diet pattern and I am off diary product for the last 11 years and I don’t miss them as far as the physical capabilities are concerned. I shall conclude by saying that diet has a major role to play in our life. Give importance to it, understand and listen to the inner voice of your own body and just don’t follow the stereotypes.

“Enjoy a happy and healthy life”.

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Dr. Ravinder Singal


  1. Dr Mustafa

    Absolutely agree to your post, stay away from Fad diet plans and focus on what your body needs. Great sir.

  2. Unnati Phoke

    Sir you are the idol person for me. I really thank you for the above information. From nashik and you did really well here, we all will remember you for your work.😊

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