The Professional

Dr. Ravinder Singal's high ethical standards, integrity, and excellence at work, coupled with an attitude of service and a desire to make a difference define him as a thorough professional.

The Character Building Days


A little child at play with his father’s police cap, holding the baton and emulating a cop. Years later, he wears it and dedicates himself to the service of the nation.

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The People’s Cop


Winning the hearts of the people is the outcome of his hard work. He guides them by generating trust and faith.

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Always in a learning mode, continually taking up new courses and educating himself, he is a role model for the people who wish to widen their horizons of knowledge.

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Awards have never been the focus for the services rendered by Dr. Singal but there are recognitions worth mentioning.

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The Change Maker

Delving down to the root cause of the problems, he comes up with the long-lasting solutions for the local communities.

Watch Now | The Journey of Being an Ironman

The Role Model

As a role model, he guides and motivates people by sharing his journey and achievements.

Ironman & Comrades Legends Finisher

At the age of 50, he completed 643 km’s of nonstop cycling race called Deccan Cliffhanger. At 51, he became Ironman and at 52, he ran the Comrade race of 90 km’s in 13 hours.

Crowd Management Expert

With his intellectualism, managerial skills, communication skills, and leadership skills he has managed huge crowds on various occasions.

Motivational Speaker

As a speaker, Dr. Singal is a natural orator and can connect to people. He is a storyteller who simply conveys his message to impress upon people.

The Versatile


Laser Focused

Eye for Detail



He believes in telling the right side of the story because people in any case trust the truth.

I cannot let defeat bog me down, too many people’s dreams besides my own, rest on my efforts.

– Dr. Ravinder Singal

No matter what your circumstances, limitations or provocations, you alone are responsible for your acts of omission and commission.

– Dr. Ravinder Singal

In life one faces many failures. But let that not defeat you.

– Dr. Ravinder Singal

Do you realise that what you have achieved today had seemed so impossible yesterday?

– Dr. Ravinder Singal

To be in Love with Life is the only key to Health and Happiness.

– Dr. Ravinder Singal

You are the Power. Build Your Future.

The People’s Hero

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    Pioneering Initiatives

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      Leading by Example

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        Pearls of Wisdom

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          Stories that Inspire

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