When we are ready to face the world or a situation without any hesitation or doubt then we are called confident. Though confidence is the result of hard work, dedication and sincerity but it always begins with a thought process and then get translated into action. The more we work hard the more confident we become. But our surroundings our upbringing and circumstances also play a major role in this.
A confident person is not much concerned about the outcome but he is more optimistic about the positive result because he has visualised the whole situation in that way only. Failure occur place but he has planned for success. There would be challenges and impediments on the way but positive thoughts and patience will surely help achieve the target. Historically and even in our day to day life we find that a person who has done meticulous planning by visualising merits and demerits of the situations has always succeeded.
So work hard, plan, boost your confidence and be a winner.

Dr. Ravinder Singal
Dr. Ravinder Singal


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