The Motivational Speaker

Dr. Singal is a natural orator and can connect to people. He is the storyteller who sends his message to people in a way they can relate to. Focused and in love with what he does, he speaks of the genuine problems people face.  As he says, “If they can’t relate to you, they won’t listen. When you tell a story, people get involved and look for answers. The uniform has a different impact. Sensitizing people about various issues helps in the prevention of crime.”

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With an alarming increase in crime rate amongst the youth and against women, Dr. Singal is on a mission to sensitize the youth and show them the right path. He says, “They need to be told about their responsibility towards nation, society, and family as they are the future of our country. They need to be educated to distance themselves from crime, drugs, suicide, and other related issues”.

Touching every soul with a mission.


For the Youth

Dr. Singal addresses students on issues like basic etiquette, cyber-crime, the impact of social media, abuse of drugs, trafficking, and more. He encourages students to approach their parents, teachers, or directly the police if they face any kind of problem.


For Students

He guides the students and parents on the right academic expectations. In his opinion, high scores in exams are not the ultimate achievement. There is much more than marks and they can achieve success in any field as innumerable opportunities exists in this competitive world. 


For Parents

He advocates the need for parents to spend quality time with children to know and understand what is happening in their lives.  As he says, “Parents need to be open with children, spend time with them, share their thoughts with them, and listen to them without interrupting them”.


For Children

He considers children as ‘Chota Police’ (junior cop) or his brand ambassadors. By inculcating the right habits and generating awareness amongst children through his talks, Dr. Singal sends his message to their parents.

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On one occasion, he tweeted a photo of a child wearing a helmet while cycling. This not only gave his school a good publicity but also made that child a brand ambassador of safe traffic initiatives. 

Cyber Crime Awareness

Dr. Singal initiated a cyber club in Nasik, where he trained many cyber ambassadors. They would visit colleges and corporates to create awareness amongst students and employees about various types of cyber-crimes through presentations.

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They also explained to the school students, about their responsible behavior on the internet. These sessions ranging from one to two hours, intended to clear all doubts and generate awareness amongst them.


Career Guidance Workshops

Dr. Singal is often invited to address students in colleges for career counseling, preparation for engineering and civil services, and the like. He supports students opting for careers that they think best suit them instead of following a trend.

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He presents his example before them to encourage and boost their confidence.


Crowd Management

Having achieved a Doctorate in Crowd Management and having the in-depth experience of the Kumbh Melas, the Uttarakhand government invited him to be a part of the panel at a meeting called for the upcoming Haridwar Kumbh Mela, in 2021.

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Also, in Mumbai post the Elphinstone Road Railway stampede, he was invited to speak on conflict resolution, handling people, and crowd management.

Touch Lives with Love & Empathy.