Pioneering Initiatives
Dr. Ravinder Singal takes responsibility not just for his official duties but also for everything around him. He takes the onus on himself to tackle the problems of the places he is posted to. Delving deep down to the root cause of the problems, he solves them to make a positive impact and difference in the lives of the local communities.
Solving Water Crisis
Dr. Singal initiated and implemented water conservation projects in five villages of his jurisdiction in the Marathwada region to resolve the water scarcity issues. A conference on water conservation was also organized in Aurangabad, in August 2019, wherein experts from Maharashtra and India participated. 
Dedication at Kumbh Melas
During his posting at Nasik, Dr. Singal was instrumental in managing the overall conduct of Kumbh Mela from the police perspective. This included the bathing rituals, managing the traffic, arranging for the security of the pilgrims and VVIPs, and many more aspects.  For this exceptional performance and success, DGP Maharashtra State honored him with D.G.INSIGNIA (A state honor for police personnel). 
A Mission Beyond Borders
In 2005, he opted for deputation with the United Nations. He served with UNMIK at Kosovo at various positions. As Chief of the War Crimes Investigation Unit, he supervised and guided the investigators from various nationalities besides the overall administration of the unit.
Schools for Runaway Children
Dr. Singal launched two residential schools for the runaway children found at the railway platforms. He started one school at Nagpur while serving as SP Railways and the second one at Thane, while posted as the CP Mumbai Railways. In both cases, he received support from the then Municipal Commissioners. Presently, the residential Bal Snehalya School at Thane is imparting education to about 30 children. 
Love for Senior Citizens
During his posting as the CP at Nasik, Dr. Singal often paid surprise visits to senior citizens’ homes. He says, “Spending time with them is more important. They feel good when you sit with them and listen to them.” In his visits, he has observed that loneliness makes them sick. From time to time, he would check with the management if they were facing any problems. This in turn, highly motivated the staff at the senior citizen’s homes.
Building Cycling Enthusiasm
Being a great believer of fitness and an ardent cyclist himself, Dr. Singal He had initiated a cycling movement at Nanded by initiating the ‘Nanded City Cycle Club’ in 2009. This created a cascading impact and many people took over to bicycling. 
Creating Fitness through Marathons
As CP Nashik, Dr. Singal organized Police Marathon consecutively for three years. This greatly bridged the gap between the locals and the police force. This also added to the sports culture of the city.
Spreading Cyber Crime Awareness
Dr. Singal launched a Cyber Club in Nashik, where he trained a few cyber ambassadors. Along with his cyber ambassadors, he generated awareness about cyber-crimes and how to keep safe while using the internet. For awareness, his team would visit industries, corporates, residential complexes, schools, and colleges.  This was an initiative run with the help of young volunteers.
Spreading Happiness
On birthdays, he wishes his staff with personally signed greeting cards and occasionally surprises them by visiting their homes with cakes. On Diwali, when the police staff is on duty, he along with his wife would distribute sweets by visiting them at police stations or at traffic signals to cheer them up. He says such small gestures lead to strong bonding, trust, happiness, and motivation.
Bridging the Gap
Dr. Singal is aware that solving every problem is humanly impossible. However, if intervening beyond his official duties can help someone, he does it instantly such as managing medical help for the needy. He believes in creating avenues to bring happiness and satisfaction to people. With such gestures, he wishes to assure people that he is there for them, ready to listen, and resolve their issues.