Pearls of Wisdom

His attitude toward life sets a beautiful lesson for many. Showing people a better way of life, he emphasizes on a the simple life, staying focused, and delivering more instead of just thinking.


Be Determined with Determination

He says, “In life, if you wish to prove yourself and do something for others, you have to be determined. If you are not, then you are wasting time. If you take an unreasonable time to come to a decision, it’s a waste of time”.

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Dr. Singal’s strong determination is evident from his police journey, his endurance races, and marathons, as well as from his solo paragliding adventure at the age of 43 with just five days of training. Determined to be the first police officer in his fifties to complete the Ironman, pushed him to rigorously work for 6 months and win the title.

Take on Challenges

He advises, “You should keep taking challenges in life as it makes you strong. Keep trying, don’t stop, and accept challenges. Once you stop, your strength, both physical and mental, declines. Remember, quitters don’t win, and winners don’t quit”.

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Dr. Singal believes one needs to venture out of his comfort zone and run his race. And this is possible only if one has the determination to take on the challenges. He adds, “If I decide about something, I prepare my mind first. When my mind is ready, I never look back even if there are huge risks”. 


Self-Discipline is the Mantra

The Ironman’s personal life reveals his self-discipline, commitment, and focus on health. Up at 4:30 every morning, he starts his day with meditation and visualization. A well-rested and calm mind sets the pace for the hectic day ahead. He plans for any of his favorite physical activities running, cycling, or swimming in advance.

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Once in office, he is in a different world.He has to be attentive, aware, focused and prompt. Each day brings new stories of kidnapping, theft, ransom, illegal activities, and an unending list with phone calls, emails, the media reports, and much more. As the day settles, he goes back home, unwinds and mediates before retiring to the bed/ sleeping. He does not believe in taking office issues back home. But his office related calls do not stop even in the night.


Communicate to Connect

He says, “If you want to go ahead in life, you have to communicate properly with people. Your role has to change each time. When you speak to a child, you have to behave differently and communicate differently. When you are talking to a lady or a senior citizen, your mannerisms must change. But nowhere can you show your arrogance, your authority, or position”.

He believes, “Communication generates accessibility and people will approach you with their queries”. Even if he does not have an immediate answer to a problem, people at least find assurance and satisfaction in the fact that he lent a listening ear. That’s Dr. Singal is with everyone, be it the locals, the police staff, or the media.


Media is an Ally

Unlike many people, he readily faces the media and shares authentic information with them. He feels, “Writing is their duty, and my job is to give them the right information.” He feels, “Reading about a person does build perceptions but when we meet someone in person, it creates an everlasting image”.

Commit Yourself to a Better YOU.