Happiness Unfolded

In today’s world it is a known fact  that stress and anxiety levels are increasing. Individualism, expectation, instant results, lack of social security are some reasons responsible for unhappiness. However, the happiness quotient varies from country to country. There are some countries like Bhutan, though small, is showing the world that people can be happy even if their economic standing is low. Bhutan historically has focused more on the happiness quotient. The king and queen of Bhutan are often seen riding a bicycle thru the kingdom, waving to their subjects and enjoying the scenery.


Happiness is what everyone should strive for as this leads to healthy relationship between the mind, body and soul. A child is always happy because he is not worried. It does not require too much to get a child gurgling with laughter and happiness. The moment a child enters the room , the entire atmosphere gets charged with positivity. But as we grow older worries  increase. These worries are related to performance pressure, goal achievement, social expectations, behavioral exceptions by the society and much more. The happiness curve shows a decline as we grow up. Some people derive happiness by earning more money, some get happy by getting recognition and many more for various other reasons.

However, there are people who remain happy at every stage of life, despite its ups and downs. They have mastered and conditioned their minds to accept whatever comes their way without affecting their mental peace. So happiness is a conditioning of the mind. Being strong willed and ensuring that no external factors affect you, is quite a tough task, however the results are wonderful. Happiness enhances our efficiency and energises people around us too. So being at peace with yourself and the world around you is very important.


Over time, humans have realized that things like meditation, exercise, laughter, social interaction, taking brief breaks, playing with pets, dancing, right kind of food, proper resting, sleeping, etc. helps us in keeping our life full of happiness.


So go on, enjoy your life, don’t let someone else’s perception of you bog you down. Smile a lot more and spread sunshine in your life and those around you !!! When you laugh the world laughs with you, when you cry , you cry alone.


Be HAPPY always !!!.

Ravinder Singal
Ravinder Singal
Quitters Don’t Win and Winners Don’t Quit. Ironman | Deccan Cliffhanger | Comrade Legend Finisher | Motivational Speaker | Writer | Endurance Athlete

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