The Joy of Adopting Local ‘Desi’ Dogs: A Tale of Companionship and Resilience

The Joy of Adopting Local ‘Desi’ Dogs A Tale of Companionship and Resilience - Dr. Ravinder Singal

Five years ago, while serving as the Inspector General of Police in Aurangabad, a delightful canine named Leo came into my life. Our journey wasn’t without its twists and turns, as circumstances initially prevented us from being together in Mumbai, and Leo found a temporary home with a friend in Aurangabad. However, fate would have it that Leo’s stay in Aurangabad came to an end due to home renovations, and he was once again in need of a home. Without hesitation, I welcomed Leo back into my life.

Before Leo’s return, my family of furry friends had already grown with the addition of Google and Twitter, two street-savvy ‘desi’ dogs, known for their resilience and vitality. At first, these three musketeers had their differences, as is expected when new members are introduced to the pack. But as time went by, they found harmony and now revel in each other’s company.

The Joy of Adopting Local ‘Desi’ Dogs

local 'desi' dogs - Dr. Ravinder Singal

Coming home to Leo, Google, and Twitter is the highlight of my day. In the quiet of the evening, their eager eyes and playful barks greet me, their way of sharing stories and vying for attention after a long day apart. Despite my busy schedule, I prioritize these moments to bond with them. It is a serene time that brings immense happiness and peace to our shared lives.

Through my experience, I have come to appreciate the robust nature of local ‘desi’ dogs. They are remarkably adaptable and have an incredible ability to thrive in various environments without being a burden to their caretaker. Their low maintenance and high adaptability make them excellent companions for any household.

I often reflect on the countless ‘desi’ dogs awaiting a loving home, their potential for love and loyalty going unnoticed. By sharing my story, I hope to inspire you to consider opening your heart and home to a local stray. Not only will you gain a devoted friend, but you’ll also give a beautiful creature a chance at a better life.

As we look into the eyes of our furry companions, we see reflections of ourselves — adaptable, resilient, and full of love. So, let’s extend our homes, our love, and our lives to these deserving dogs. Embrace the joy of adopting a local ‘desi’ dog, and let the streets be a little less crowded and a home more filled with love.

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