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In 18th and 19th century humans led a pastoral life with domesticated animals. With urbanization life became more individualistic,  with smaller homes and the dependency on animals for our livihood reduced considerably. However, animals do play a very important role in our life. Not only do they teach us to coexist with nature but they also teach us some wonderful values of life. They teach unconditional love, total trust, living peacefully without bothering too much about the future and most importantly not being greedy, selfish, unfaithful, revengeful at any time. We have seen videos of young children playing with huge animals and both the animal and the child is at peace with each other. Neither of them are trying to impress nor hurt the other. Just watching them play makes you feel so joyful. Its love and trust in its purest form.

In fact, now, most psychologists and therapists acknowledge Pet therapy as one of the best methods for bringing peace and calming down troubled minds and for patients struggling with mental issues or illnesses. It is because when we spend time loving and cherishing our pets we tend to rise above our own fears and failures. The selfless love and devotion of animals somehow reinforces our faith. It makes us believe that there is still so much good happening in the world. I am convinced that pets are the best thing for all of us at all ages and in all states of mind.

All through my life pets have been my constant companions. They have played an important role in shaping my personality. They have taught me how to remain humble and extend unconditional love without expecting anything from others. My job deals with crime and criminals, some of the most negative aspects of our life. However my pets have taught me love in its purest form is from an animal as there are no conditions attached and they always remain loving, caring and loyal, never allowing any negative feeling to grow on them. This quality of theirs has also taught me to focus purely on positive aspects of life and not let other people’s negative traits such as deceit, malice or hatred affect me in anyway.

In the end I would say please do yourself a favour and get a pet of your liking. I know keeping a pet can be a lot of hard work but the advantages clearly surpass all the disadvantages. Once you get them home, they are there for life. Please take care of their health and cherish them nicely. Please don’t subject them to unnecessary and unnatural beauty treatments. 

So guys, weigh all the pros and cons diligently and once you get the pets home, enjoy them for life.

Ravinder Singal
Ravinder Singal
Quitters Don’t Win and Winners Don’t Quit. Ironman | Deccan Cliffhanger | Comrade Legend Finisher | Motivational Speaker | Writer | Endurance Athlete

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