I had a vacation at my home today

Cambridge dictionary defines, ‘vacation’, “as a period of time to relax or travel for pleasure instead of doing your usual work”. Here the catch word is, “relax” which we generally ignore.


I had some spare time today, which I could have spent by sitting in front of computer or reading the messages on mobile or on social media. But, I did something different. “I opted for a 15 minutes vacation.”

I had read somewhere that you can have vacations even if you don’t get time to move away from your place of work because of some or the other reason. Today, I sat in the relaxed chair on the terrace of my home and closed my eyes. In a while, I started feeling, whatever was happening around me. To my surprise, many beautiful things happened. I could feel the breeze and its impact. I could also hear the chirping of different birds. My mind was getting relaxed, and, I was with my ‘own self’. Cut off from the world and enjoying the serenity of the surroundings existing around. This bliss continued for 15 minutes and I could talk to myself, feeling relaxed with every passing moment of time. Totally immersed in self and without any worry. It was a feeling of ‘wow’.

 When I opened my eyes, I had a different feeling, a feeling of happiness and relaxation, as if I had gone on some holiday. This led to the realization of the fact, why such breaks are needed in our daily routine. We all keep on claiming that we are busy and we don’t get time. Contrary to this, even if we go on a vacation, there too, we engage ourselves in various activities. We click photographs, check the mobile frequently rather than appreciating the beauty of nature.

Don’t wait for the long breaks come to you, instead, enjoy the short breaks and be with yourself. The ultimate aim of vacation is to have the eternal peace and happiness which can be attained through small breaks too, which I underwent during this vacation.

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Dr. Ravinder Singal


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