Do your karma, why expect?

I simplified my life in such a way that I pardoned few and apologized to few

We hear a number of times that people change once their work is done. Such thought coming to mind is nothing but the expectation, the “Expectation of gratitude”.

The expectation becomes problematic when expected for the help you extended. We expect that people should remain under obligation and they should keep on expressing it from time to time and if they don’t then we feel bad. But do you think it is possible every time. No, it’s humanly impossible as our mind has a tendency of forgetting the old things. This is what actually happens but we still expect the expression and gratitude and not only that we expect that on regular basis.

This is the crux of the matter and this is what we have to handle in life. We should train our mind in such a way that we keep on forgetting what help we expended to others. There is also a group of people who considers themselves lucky if some needy comes to them for help. They consider it as an opportunity, which comes to a selected few. And helping someone is expected from us in all situations. In animal kingdom we have ample number of examples where one animal help the other and they forget it because that’s natural. Actually it is a basic instinct. But when it comes to humans we become very touchy.

Suppose no one remembers for the help extended by you then? The best way is to forget and forgive and move on in life. This may not be easy but learn from great human beings, they are still remembered for their good deeds because they worked without any expectation.

The sooner we develop this habit more happy we will be in life. Rather than the other person saying thanks to you, you start saying thanks for the help you have extended and see the difference. Small things make big difference…

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Dr. Ravinder Singal

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