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Shiv Khera, a renowned author and management trainer writes about his experience in Singapore :

“Six years ago in Singapore I gave a taxi driver a business card to take me to a particular address.

At the last point he circled round the building. His meter read 11$, but he took only 10.

I said Henry, your meter reads 11$ how come you are taking only 10.

He said Sir, I am a taxi driver, I am supposed to be bringing you straight to the destination. Since I did not know the last spot, I had to circle around the building. Had I brought you straight here, the meter would have read 10$.

Why should you be paying for my ignorance ?

He said Sir, legally, I can claim 11$ but Honestly and ethically I am entitled to only 10.

He further added that Singapore is a tourist destination and many people come here for three or four days. After clearing the immigrations and customs, the first experience is always with the taxi driver and if that is not good, the balance three to four days are not pleasant either.

He said Sir I am not a taxi driver, I am the Ambassador of Singapore without a diplomatic passport.

In my opinion he probably did not go to school beyond the 8th grade, but to me he was a professional. To me his behavior reflected pride in performance and character.

That day I learnt that one needs more than professional qualification to be a professional.

In one line be a “Professional with a human touch and Values ” that makes all the more difference.

Knowledge, skill, money, education, all comes later. First comes Human Values, Honesty and Integrity

Professionalism: It’s NOT the job you DO, It’s HOW you DO the job.”

Dr. Ravinder Singal
Dr. Ravinder Singal

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  • Very well Said about professionalism and ethics sir… morality,ethics and values are need of modern times and specially they become so important when one is bureaucrat and dealing with public .we Nashik people are lucky to have u in nashik…bt I want to give u one suggestion..when it comes to ethics and decency it probably lacks in lower bureaucracy below sub inspector rank police ..lots of constable and psi keep abusing people when they come to ask for help at police station instead of helping them….as to senior inspector and above they are really professional and helpful…plz take some session for sensitizing lower bureaucrats becoz they are the first ambassador like above example with whom public first interacts..thanks and regards

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