Monday, July 4, 2016 PERCEPTIONS IN LIFE..

Another story on Paradigm Shift

There is a difference in what we see and what we hear. There is always a difference between  thoughts of people.

Let’s move, please read the following stories to  understand this better..


It was a serene Sunday morning, approximately around 6.30 AM a middle aged man with three children walked down to an underground railway station. He sat pensively on a chair waiting for the train, but, his children were screaming, jumping, making noise and one of them even pulled the newspaper one of the other passengers sitting and waiting for the train.

Unable to take this anymore, one old man, pushing his eye glasses, turned to the father of the children and said, “It’s time you did something to restore the tranquility of the morning by disciplining the children.”

The father who was in a deep thought, with his head down, looked up and replied, “You are absolutely right sir, I too was wondering, what do I do with these three children who lost their mother in the hospital about an hour ago.”

Hearing this all the passengers there drew a blank, as if they were frozen cold by what they heard.

They immediately started offering help. One said he could adopt a child, the other said he could take care of all expenses of a kid by financing him, another offered immediate cash support..etc.

The perception changed in a moment from irritation and annoyance to empathy and kindness.

This is a story from Steven Covey’s famous book “Seven Habits of Effective People,” wherein he says our mind already so full of thoughts at any given point reacts to situations and pass judgments, without getting to know the entire problem. Comments are made which can hurt, but, when you get to know the fact it becomes regrettable as words already shot can’t be withdrawn.

The author suggests we keep an open mind to receive and respond rather than react.

Dr. Ravinder Singal
Dr. Ravinder Singal

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