Samdrudhi’s Wish

I had tears, many a times but I tried to be composed. I did not want to send a signal which will make the child even weak. However, I knew that everyone was convinced that her physical condition was bad. I met her at ‘Cipla Palliative Unit’ in Pune. Till then, I had a vague knowledge about a palliative care unit through Bronnie Wares book ‘The top five regrets of the dying.’ That day I came to know, how exactly a palliative unit works.
Here I am telling you about Samrudhi and her wish. Unfortunately, she has a serious health problem. Her mother and brother told me that Samrudhi always wanted to be a cop. She would run, cycle and do lot of physical exercises so that one day she fulfils her dream of becoming a cop. But destiny had something else in store for her and tragically she fell prey to a disease. Her parents tried all possible means but she could not recover.
What took me to this place has a background. One day a colleague of mine who has dedicated himself for helping the patients and their families, approached me. He narrated, what he was doing and during the conversation he mentioned about a child of 17 years and her ambition of meeting a police officer in uniform. You may take it as her last wish as she has little time left. I was shocked that she wanted to meet a cop in uniform and she has very little time left and here is this person requesting me to meet her. How can I refuse? This can’t happen by any stretch of imagination.
My present job does not require me in uniform but I made it a point to meet her at the earliest. On the day of meeting her, I started early from Mumbai. I made it sure that I am in uniform. Throughout the journey, I was thinking about Samrudhi and her family. In my professional life, I have seen many postmortems, dead bodies and accident cases but this was unique. In this case, I was meeting a child who has not yet seen the world. At the top of it, she little time at her disposal.

As I reached the unit, I was received by the staff. They explained me what they have been doing since many years. In the background of this discussion, I was anxious about Samrudhi for whom I had come all the way. Finally, all of us went to her room and as I appeared before her, she looked at me. I wished her and tried to communicate. She nodded at times. It appeared as if she wanted to say something but could not speak. She kept on staring at me. Maybe she was fascinated by my uniform. Her mother and brother told her, ‘see who has come to meet you. You always wanted to be a cop and you will be one day.’ Her brother and mom had tears and I was also about to burst into tears but could control with lot of effort. At this moment, I took off my cap and placed it on her head. I also handed over my service baton to her. I could realize that she was little happy and tried to say something but she could only move her right hand slightly. She firmly grabbed the baton in her left hand. I kept on interacting with her though it was one way communication throughout. I stayed there for about half an hour. But, those 30 minutes taught me many lessons. Later, on the advice of the doctors, I had to leave. At that time, I realized she did not want to part away with the baton. I decided to leave it with her along with my cap realizing this will keep her happy.
As I mentioned, those 30 minutes taught me many lessons. One of them was, I can’t be busy enough to fulfil a small dream of a person. Many a times, merely our presence changes someone’s day or life. There are certain things which are beyond our control and even doctors no have answer to many questions, so I will live each day as if it was my last day. I should live life in my own way and not the one which other expect. I should give importance to my health and relations which will sustain and sail me through any difficult situation. I should not take things for granted.
Meeting Samrudhi and her family members further strengthened my belief that empathy has a major role to play in life.

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Ravinder Singal
Quitters Don’t Win and Winners Don’t Quit. Ironman | Deccan Cliffhanger | Comrade Legend Finisher | Motivational Speaker | Writer | Endurance Athlete


  1. Anand G R Kawale

    Sir Ji Ur Every Post are So Encouraging us That We Implement in Are Life So We All Nashikars Are Thankful To U And Your Parents We Bow Them By Are Heart Namashkar

  2. Anil Pawar

    Sir, Great thoughts,🙏

  3. गिरीश पगारे

    You have always been an inspiring personality for us Sir….. Salutes to you….

  4. Ghanshyam Ukey

    Great Thoughts and really inspiring me lots and lots, Many Thanks Sir

  5. Ramkrishna Sable

    Excellent article.
    Great and Congratulations.

  6. Anonymous

    Sir, its really heart touching. I am proud of you sir. Thanks for sharing.

  7. गिरीश पगारे

    Truly Empathy has a great role in every human being’s life…

  8. Jyoti Waghchaure

    Great thoughts Rsp sir. It’s really inspiring and motivating to many more people! 👍👌

  9. Ravi Upadhye

    Very touching and you are a kind soul, rare in your role and worthy of emulation

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  11. Rajendra Kumar Zawar

    IN my life i am not seen officer just like YOU …💐💐IPS(OFFICER), Doctor, IRONMAN, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKEE, GREAT HUMAN BEING,🙏

  12. Jameer Kazi

    Superb thought sir,
    Thanks a lot for motivation of new generation

  13. Dr Shrikant Pulkundwar

    Sir, I am fully agree with your words and experience of being with Samruddhi for her wish to fulfill. No matter how we busy are, little slow down here and meet to say thanks to all the peoples around us because we r humans, we deserve better life with humanity , love and happiness. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. Ramchandra Desai

    Respected sir,
    Great Thoughts and really inspiring me & my family lots and lots, Many Thanks Sir

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  16. Sanjay Deshpande

    Sir a great motivation for young generation.

  17. Rajesh Dixit

    Inspiring !

  18. Rishu

    Great thoughts sir.

  19. Arvind Saraf

    Really great and inspiring to are my ideal Respected sir. Regards

  20. Smita prabhu

    Respected sir,just read about samruddhi
    Very very touching ..can’t stop my tears
    Great sir,Salute to you and Police force🙏

    Yes rightly said we must give importance
    to our health and relations

  21. Anonymous

    Manpurvak abhinandan and abhivadan

  22. Pathan Mukhtar khan

    Hon. Sir, really thanks for sharing such a heart touching stories which makes motivate & inspired.
    Thanks again

  23. Singal sir is one of the finest people I have encountered in my life!

  24. Anonymous

    Sir great though

  25. Sunil

    आदरणीय सर,
    खूपच छान प्रेरणादायी ..👌
    There is a lot to take from this story.
    When living life, it is very important to act in a way that to helps or inspires someone even in a small way.
    With regards.

  26. Samadhan Wagh

    Respected Sir,
    Truly inspiring n Compelling to think….

  27. Avinash sonawane

    Extraordinary sir….people forget what we said…people also forget what we did…but samrudhi’s soul will never forget how you made her feel…There is more to us than meets the eye..its our soul we can’t see it,neither can anybody but we can feel it…Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit…Nothing drives us more than being awakened by our role in this world.. in samrudhi’s case she attracted she thought about most…she wanted to be cop…Law of attraction is the most powerful law in the universe….your legendary existence for thirty minutes beside her has survived in her soul…her dominant thoughts wr driving force and you turned out to be the precious jewel…she was living in dreams…but law of attraction the greatest and most infallible law upon which the entire system of creation depends made her dream come true…Hats off to precious jewel in samrudhi’s life….

  28. Vilas Pawar

    Really great sir.
    Contribution of little time definitely fullfilled the cherished dreams and wishes of Samridhi .It is greatness to spare your precious time for such noble cause. Though you are Iron man but you are just like butter from inside which melts with the warm of sensitive emotions. Now a days, there is a scarcity of such personality like you. Once again Hats off to you sir. May the Almighty keep you for the cause of wellness/ wellbeing of others which devine attribute you inherit. Best wishes for your future endeavours & jsuch social ourney of life.

  29. Anonymous

    Extraordinary sir

  30. Avinash sonawane

    Extraordinary sir

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    Very good 🙂

  32. Avinash sonawane

    Extraordinary sir

  33. Anonymous

    We get busy in life chasing big things, least realising the joy in small gestures.

  34. Anonymous

    We get busy in life chasing big things, least realising the joy in small gestures. #beinghuman

  35. Neeta

    We get busy in life chasing big things, least realising the joy in small gestures. #beinghuman

  36. Samdrudhi’s wish tells us how you touch everyone’s lives

    Yes you rightly said keeping fit , healthy and happy should be our prime focus. And empathy is the key to a beautiful environment around us.

    Thank you sir. Your motivational Thursday talks also inspire me so much. 🙏🏻

  37. Dr charusheela Deshmukh

    Touching story! Beautifully penned.

  38. Anonymous

    Thank you Sir, for sharing your valuable lesson learning life experience .
    Our country is lucky to have a officer like you, who can identify the need of the hour and take action accordingly which is more important.
    I can say so because we personally had experience that and we will be always thankful to you for that

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    Respected Sir
    Great… Superb… Inspiring 🙏🙏

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