Art of Being Human

Life is so wonderful and it comes with its ups and downs. At times we tend to overlook a situation which to the person going through may be very important. Let me illustrate this by narrating an incident which happened to me recently.
On that day I had set a target of running 30Kms. in a particular time schedule. It was all going well but guess what? Right in the middle of the road I saw a golden frog, struggling to hop. It just didn’t have enough energy to do so. It could barely crawl. At the first sight itself, I stopped along with other runners.
I had two options, either to ignore and move ahead or stop and help the little creature. I preferred the second option. I took it into my left palm and released it in the bushes. It happily hopped up and went away. I was happy to reunite it with its ecosystem.

This was a fulfilling moment. At that time I forgot that I had set a time limit to complete my run and was totally involved in ensuring that the little fellow was safe. My priority at that moment was to save a life, and I am so glad I did it.
Good deeds have a cascading effect. Few days later, one of my colleagues who was running with me when the frog incident took place, told me that he has adopted a puppy, whose mother had abandoned him. His face was beaming with happiness when he was narrating this to me. I was truly touched and realized that my small act of kindness had such a far reaching effect.


Let us immerse in happiness with our humane deeds.
Ravinder Singal
Ravinder Singal
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