Art of Being Consistent - “Lage Raho”

“Consistency is the most important key to success.”

Presently we are living in the age of instant results. Instant Coffee, instant noodles, instant solutions to problems by the click of the button etc are creating a generation which is becoming very impatient. However in reality to attain our goals we have to be consistent in our efforts.
Consistency means continuous efforts taken by an individual over a period of time. Expected results often take time depending upon the various internal and external factors. When the critical mass of hard labour leads to both internal and external factors fitting together like the pieces of jigsaw puzzle then success begins to take shape. Hence there is always a tipping point after which our goals become visible and within our sight. However before we reach this point there are a series of small changes and incidents which though insignificant then, become big enough to cause longer and more important changes.

An important tenet of ‘consistency’ is self-belief or faith. Unless we believe that we are going to succeed, all our efforts are only half hearted and our goals always remain unachievable. That is why all great sportsmen always visualise themselves standing on the podiums and receiving medals while they are practicing for long hours. This faith in themselves is both a motivation for their hard work and a fuel which keeps their ambitions burning.
History is full of examples where consistency in hard work has led to highest level of success. For example Wright brothers failed several times in their effort to make a machine which could fly. They just did not give up but kept trying, modifying and improvising. Finally their machine could fly for the first time on December 17 in 1903 after so many failed attempts. In my opinion this was possible because of their unwavering faith in their commitment that one day they will produce a machine which would fly. Ultimately they built the first aircraft after years of consistent effort and they changed the course of human history. We the humans meant to walk on earth, today rule the sky because of the consistent efforts of Wright brothers.
In the end, I can only say while instant noodles are great but to achieve our goals in life we have to be consistent. By the way instant noodles were also created by the scientists in their labs after years of consistent research and efforts!!!

Ravinder Singal
Ravinder Singal
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