Saturday, December 27, 2014 Pleasure of giving

Why only few should have pleasure of giving? Everyone has equal opportunity. I know group of youngsters who visit the terminally ill patients and serve them, some go to old age homes and some to home for orphans etc. What I learnt from such people is:

1. Its not only money which matters the most.
2. Its our attitude towards humanity which is more important.
3. There is no point saying I don’t have material things to share with needy, but devoting our time for them can also bring happiness in the life of many.
4. Believe me it gives immense pleasure when you make people smile.
5. Our position do matter but what is the use if we don’t go out of our comfort zone and make the world realize that we are there to take care of atleast few.
Enjoy the pleasure of giving!
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Dr. Ravinder Singal

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