Change is the sign of life

Change is the way of life and everything is constantly changing within and around us. Many factors are responsible for this change which may be voluntary or involuntary. Voluntary change is basically our response to the environment we live in and involuntary is what we cannot control.

Man being a social animal, makes an effort to change. This can be at physical, mental or spiritual level. Those changes make him an evolved being. This process can be through observation, reading or personal by experiences.


When we want change in terms of better skill, knowledge or information we have to take training. Consistent training is an aspect through which we can sharpen our tools. Those who don’t train or equip themselves with changing time fade away. This is proved by the survival of the fittest theory by Charles Darwin. The best examples for this are Kodak and Nokia. Therefore, it is important that we keep a close watch on our surroundings.


Raise your standards by constant improvements

Thomas Eddison and Wright brothers are good examples of change. When they were not getting the right kind of results, they kept on making little changes and finally made new inventions which changed the course of human life. It is the small, consistent and positive change which bring the desired results.


Change your limited beliefs

Come out of the Shackles of your own thought process wherein you start believing that you can’t achieve your goal. Train your subconscious mind through visualization, meditation or self-talk. Make regular effort to change your hardened beliefs. Here, I would suggest the famous 21 days rule. It states that, if you want to give up or attain a new habit then work consistently on that for 21 days and then it becomes your habit.


Change your strategies

Be like a river, if you are not getting results through your consistent efforts for a long time then change your path like a river which changes its course if there are obstacles.  Only the goal remains the same, the path can be modified. It raises its own level up to a point, but when it gets chance to move in a different direction then it does so and follow a new course.

It is important that we are vigilant and change with time otherwise we would become redundant and our efficiency would also decline with time. However be vigilant that change should be for betterment for improved results, improved situations and improved you.



Ravinder Singal
Ravinder Singal
Quitters Don’t Win and Winners Don’t Quit. Ironman | Deccan Cliffhanger | Comrade Legend Finisher | Motivational Speaker | Writer | Endurance Athlete


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