11th October, International Girl Child Day

Dear girls,

Today is international girl child day. I begin by congratulating you to be born as girls. Blessed are you, to have a sensitive mind, an emotional connect and a softer approach to life. But at the same time, I am aware that there are many more things that you would want to be blessed with as equal partners in the society today.

To the point from the past to the present day, we all are making efforts to improve the quality of life for girls. The society has realized the importance for them to be educated. Health is improving but as she grows it still remains neglected. Yet, we are battling with cases of girl student drop outs and anemia in the adolescent girls. This has to change.

In a city like Nashik, the issues, which a girl child has to face, are varied. You as young girls go to schools and colleges. Your parents see to it that you get the opportunity of making your life better. It also then becomes your responsibility to respond to the opportunity in the most constructive manner.

As the Commissioner of Police, I deal with many cases where in the girls are concerned. There are many attractions around you in the present day life. Technology poses one of the major attractions but believe me, this technology is a double edged sword. You need to use it very carefully. You have mobiles, and internet. You are connected to the cyber world where in, you may not know who is who and whom you are talking to. So be careful as you make friends. Do not share your personal information with anyone and do not make yourself vulnerable to the loopholes of technology.

As an adolescent, you may also be faced with many attractions. I can understand the hormones playing a role but at the same time do not forget that your parents and teachers have also taught you the values of life. You need to understand the priority of your age and give your best to seeking knowledge. It is the base of knowledge that will make you stand proudly in the world today.

Every freedom comes with a heavy responsibility. You have been given the freedom but behave responsibly too. I say this, as everyday,     I deal with cases where we have helpless parents complaining that their girl has run away from home or has not returned back.

I see parents shattered when this happens. As the girl child grows, every father’s concern is about her safety. I as the Police Commissioner feel that a safe and secure life is your right and the police department is committed to it. We are there to support and help you but you too need to grow stronger. You have to gather the strength of your mind, behavior and character. It is this strength that will take you far ahead. I must tell you here that as young citizens it is also your duty to behave responsibly.

I have a daughter your age. I make it a point to tell her the same and make sure that she enjoys her life while she studies and pursues her dreams.  I will also encourage you to dream and dream big. Become someone and make a mark of your own.  You may have to work hard for it, everyone has to, and then you will surly reach at the top. Once you do, you will make a difference to the community, society and the world, where you are equal partners of life on this planet.

As fathers, it is a proud moment to see our daughters fly high. You have the wings, garner the strength and dare to take the leap.  Eat well, exercise, go out and play some sports, be active, work hard, think positive. You have the energy and enthusiasm, make the most of it. Be strong, confident and take the right path. For any concerns of your safety and security in this city, you may approach the police department.           I assure you that me and my department will always be there for you.

Stay blessed and wish you all the best.


-Dr Ravinder Kumar Singal

Commissioner of Police, Nashik


Blow like the wind


Be like the wind

and keep blowing

through routes and paths

that go on unending


                                                            Blow over the mountains

                                                            and over the seas

                                                            Reach the horizon

                                                            and meet the skies


Take with you experiences

and memories

Keep going

Till you fill your treasury


                                                            But remember,

                                                            don’t blow so harshly

                                                            so that it may hurt someone on the way

                                                            take care and don’t sweep them away


Blow gently

and yet blow high

Blow strong

and yet blow with an open eye


                                                            Keep going dear one

                                                            For it’s a wide open world

                                                            Find your direction

                                                            just don’t go wayward


Vaishali Balajiwale

February 28, 2014

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Dr. Ravinder Singal

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