Invest in Prevention: Nagpur United Against Drugs

Invest in Prevention Nagpur United Against Drugs - Dr. Ravinder Singal

The issue of drug abuse poses a significant threat to our society, impacting individuals, families, and communities. As the Police Commissioner of Nagpur City, I am committed to leading a comprehensive Nagpur Anti-Drug Campaign to address and combat this pressing concern. By investing in prevention and engaging the public, we can work together to create a drug-free environment in Nagpur and beyond.

Nagpur United Against Drugs: Sale of Tobacco Near Schools

One of the critical areas of focus in our Nagpur Anti-Drug Campaign is the sale of tobacco near schools. Despite regulations prohibiting the sale of tobacco products within a certain radius of educational institutions, violations persist. We are intensifying our efforts to strictly enforce these laws. By eliminating the availability of tobacco products near schools, we aim to reduce the initiation of smoking and other substance abuse among young students.

Nagpur United Against Drugs - Dr. Ravinder Singal

Public Support to Eradicate Drug Issues

Public participation is crucial to the success of our campaign. The Nagpur United Against Drugs initiative encourages community members to actively participate in our efforts to prevent drug abuse. Public support can significantly enhance our drug prevention strategies, creating a robust front against the menace of drug addiction. Through community awareness programs, workshops, and open discussions, we aim to educate citizens about the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of a drug-free lifestyle.

Anti-Drug Campaign Highlights

In May, the Nagpur City Police Commissionerate launched a significant campaign against drug abuse. The “Drug-Free Nagpur” campaign included various activities designed to raise awareness and promote drug-free communities. The campaign featured guidance from experts, inspirational stories from individuals who have overcome addiction, and interactive sessions with the police to discuss measures to reduce drug addiction.

Anti-Drug Campaign Highlights - Dr. Ravinder Singal

Join the Change

Another campaign, “Join the Change,” saw dignitaries releasing posters promoting a drug-free Nagpur at local schools. This initiative, covered extensively in the press, aimed to unite the community in the fight against drugs. Strict regulations were also enforced in pubs and bars, with severe consequences for non-compliance, further showcasing the campaign’s comprehensive approach to preventing drug abuse.

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

June marks the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, aligning perfectly with the objectives of the Nagpur Anti-Drug Campaign. This day serves as a reminder of the global issue of drug abuse and the need for persistent efforts to combat it. The Nagpur United Against Drugs campaign takes this opportunity to reinforce its message and engage the community in various awareness activities.

Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan by the Government of India

The Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan (Drug-Free India Campaign) by the Government of India complements Nagpur’s efforts. This nationwide initiative focuses on prevention, rehabilitation, and community participation to create a drug-free society. Nagpur’s campaigns align with these objectives, working towards a common goal of eliminating drug abuse from the state.

Identifying Signs of Drug Use

Awareness is the first step towards prevention. Recognizing the signs of drug use can help in early intervention. Some common indicators include changes in behaviour, unexplained mood swings, neglect of personal hygiene, and withdrawal from social activities. By educating the public about these signs, the campaign aims to empower individuals to take timely action and prevent drug abuse.

Support for Drug Addicts

Support systems are crucial in helping individuals overcome addiction. Various institutes in Nagpur offer assistance to drug addicts, providing counselling, rehabilitation, and support services. Caregivers play a vital role in this process. They can encourage treatment, offer emotional support, and assist in navigating the recovery process. Counselling is often necessary, and knowing what steps to take next can significantly impact an addict’s journey to recovery.


The Nagpur Anti-Drug Campaign is a comprehensive initiative aimed at eradicating drug abuse through public support, strict regulations, and continuous awareness efforts. By focusing on prevention and community involvement, Nagpur is making significant strides towards creating a drug-free community. With ongoing support and active participation, we can collectively work towards reducing drug addiction and building a healthier, safer environment for all. The process of making Nagpur drug-free is a comprehensive program in which the police are not only taking help from various stakeholders but have also intensified actions against drug peddlers, suppliers, and consumers. Our police are conducting raids in areas that are potential sites of drug abuse and sale. We want to eliminate this menace from its roots.

Join us in this noble cause, and together, let’s make Nagpur a shining example of how united efforts can lead to significant change. #LiveHealthyNagpur

By focusing on the Nagpur Anti-Drug Campaign, this blog aims to raise awareness and encourage proactive measures against drug abuse in the city.

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